Le concert de grands amis

It was the most precious moment in this academic year.

I went to Kagoshima(鹿児島) to perform in a concert.
Senior student, Miyu-san asked me to join the concert in Kagoshima(her home town!).
She had great idea to have a concert in Kagoshima and her teacher(Arimura-sensei, my teacher too!) and her friends joined to make it happen.

Even though I was just one of them, I had really really great experience there.

I played Octet by Jun Nagao and large ensemble pieces such as Holberg's time, Lezghinka, and so on...

We were worried because we didn't know how many people come to our concert.
However, when we start the concert, over 350 people gathered!!!
(That concert hall include 400 people maximum. So it means almost full!!)

This concert was performed by 14 students at Showa University of Music and my teacher, Sumichika Arimura.
My teacher, Arimura-sensei played Four pictures from New York, written by Albert Molinelli with us and conducted large ensemble works.

It is pleasure to meet local people in Kagoshima and play there.
Also, this was first time to play with my teacher.
Before I enrolled Showa, I never played with my ex teacher.

That's why I felt I was moved to tears when I play 1st movement of molinelli even though soloist still don't play any tone then.(But remember, I WAS NOT WEEP THEN!!!)
And then, I thought I couldn't leave Japan to stand here and play with them.
When I chose to stay Japan, maybe I lose some options but I got another options like this.

I little bit thought teacher is a player I admire -not play with him until I graduate.
However, in this time, I played with him. Even though it is just one of ensemble member, I honored to be there.

I really appreciate from bottom of my heart.
Thank you so much, Sensei, Senpai(senior student, meaning), conductor, co-stars and all of audience!

I hope I'll be back Kagoshima soon!!!

Oh!! I forgot to tell you...
I'll be upload performance videos or recordings on YouTube after I get DVD and CD.
Keep an eye out!!;)

Bye!! -Kei

Quatuor pour Saxophones -1,2 mov./ P.M.Dubois
Introduction et Variations sur une Ronde Populaire/ G.Pierne
Saxophone Quartet "American"/ A.Dvorak
Chin Chin/ A.Piazzolla
Octuor pour Saxophones/ J.Nagao
Holberg suite -1mov/ E.Grieg
Four pictures from New York/ R.Molinelli(*)
(encore)I need to be in love/ R.Carpenter(*)
Lullaby, Lezginka from Ballet music < Gayane >/ A.I.Khachaturian
((encore))Theme of Selmer camp/ J.Nagao

Soloist(*): Sumichika Armor
Conductor: Masaru Koda(*), Sumichika Arimura
Saxophonists: Nodoka Sato, Keisuke Jinbo, Akane Sato, Riko Morimitsu, Ryunosuke Takahashi,Mio Yahisa, Kei Kimura, Aya Okuhira, Miyu Koda, Ayane Kodama, Kimie Ogawa, Satomi Nakanishi, Satsuki Hara, and Sadanari Fukuchi
Percussion: Ryosuke Uto, Yakashi Koda
Piano: Natsumi Horinouchi


8日にコンサートがありまして、それに出演すべく。 その為に、テスト後もなんかあーでもないこーでもないといろいろ合わせをしていたのであります。






モリネッリの1楽章(本当にいい曲なのよ)を吹いている時、あ〜 この舞台に立つために、私は過去にアメリカに行く道を失ったのかもしれないなあ。と。
後付かもしれない? まあそうだと思いますよ。笑




嬉しかったです。いや〜〜 本当に嬉しかったです。


また鹿児島に行きたい!!! Kでした!